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NC: Hurricane Sandy Damage Reports

Attention North Carolina operators:

North Carolina Emergency Management (ESF6/Human Services) is interested in reports of damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.  If you have personally witnessed significant damage (see below), please send the following information via email:

  1. Your name and callsign
  2. Address of damage.
  3. Description of damage.

Emergency Management is looking specifically for the following:

  • Hazards
  • Significant damage/collapsed structures
  • Physical hazards
  • Boats where sofas would normally be.

Please note this address is not monitored in real time and is not to be used to report an emergency.   If you require emergency assistance, please dial 911.

Please send damage reports to:  You must use the following Subject line:

//MARS R/ Hurricane Sandy Report

We will be collecting damage reports through 2359Z 10/30/2012.

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